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Michael J Williams

Author/Screenwriter/Filmmaker/Indie Publisher/Blogger


“We need to tell our own stories. From our own perspective and from our own lived experiences and struggles.”

Epic II

“We have to build our own bridges. Build our own castles. Build our own planet. Build our own universe.”

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When the glitz and glamor, the fortune and fame, hide a hideous and sinister secret about a notorious serial killer roaming freely on the streets of South Beach.
Book Cover
The interconnected lives of everyday people and the impact of drugs, alcoholism, spousal abuse, police brutality, discrimination, racism, and foreign intervention all lead to choices that not only have consequences for their lives but society as well.
Book Cover
When you are the prey but you are oblivious to the fact that the predator that is hunting you is standing directly in front of you.
Book Cover
Infected with the deadliest plague the world had ever seen. The world must unite to combat and defeat a parasitic mutation that has engulfed the world for thousands of years with its incurable disease.
The Chronicles of the Parasitic Trailer
The Nick Frost Chronicles Trailer
Book Cover
Elite American soldiers suffering from PTSD seek to destroy the republic and American democracy.
The Chronicles of the Drake Empire and the Relics of the Gods
Book Cover
A mysterious billionaire races to capture biblical relics to stop the rise of the Fourth Reich.

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