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Endless Possibilities

“We need to tell our own stories. From our own perspective and from our own lived experiences and struggles. We need to support our own creatives and storytellers who have endless numbers of original ideas and original stories to tell the world. We are not beholden to their predictability.”


You can now watch and experience every video trailer and commercial written and directed by visionary writer, author, screenwriter, director, producer, and filmmaker Michael J. Williams for all six books of short stories and novels written by Michael J. Williams. Experience the legendary vision and mind-blowing visuals of this once in a lifetime creative who want to bring originality and imagination to a world, an industry stuck in the quagmire of predictability and the mundane. Welcome to the future of storytelling. Welcome to endless possibilities.

The Apex
The Chronicles of the Drake Empire and the Relics of the Gods II
The Nick Frost Chronicles II
The Chronicles of the Parasitic II

When the complete eradication of a parasitic plague is the only way to save humanity. The Chronicles of the Parasitic – a four-part book series about the survival of the human race and its quest to defeat an enemy so great and so evil that mankind will have to do the unthinkable to end this deadly plague of hate, violence, and racism.

The Apex II
The Future of Storytelling Part One
The Chronicles of the Parasitic
The Nick Frost Chronicles

Corruption, scandal, coverup, and treason. The end of American democracy as we know it. The Patriot Complex– a three-part book series about the rise of fascism, domestic terrorism, greed, corruption, and ruthlessness and how it has infected and corrupted not only the American government and government officials but has spread fear and terror throughout the nation. Will American and Americans survive this ruthless takeover of their beloved country or will certain individuals force unimaginable change and not for the good, to American democracy forever?

The Chronicles of the Drake Empire and the Relics of the Gods

A demonic monster in the hands of pure evil. Is hell-bent on bringing humanity to its knees. Longinus – a three-part book series about mythical creatures, biblical relics, demonic monsters and those with the desire and evilness in their hearts, their minds, and their souls to bring about the end of the world and attempt to reshape and build a new and evil world in the attempt to cast out hope and freedom and righteousness and engulf the world with famine, oppression, ruthlessness, and pure evil. The apocalypse is upon us. Will the world survive?

and The Future of Storytelling Part Two
The Future is Now. The Future of Storytelling Part Three
A New Era of Storytelling Part One
A New Era of Storytelling Part Two
The South Beach Slayer
The Future of Storytelling Part Four
The Ten
“We have to build our own bridges. Build our own castles. Build our own planet. Build our own universe.”
MJW Presents
Black Universe
Black Universe Second Trailer
Unapologetically Black
A Storm is Coming
Project Alpha Omega
From Author, Screenwriter and Filmmaker Michael J. Williams
Epic II
Three Epic Book Series
Book Series
Book Series II
Book Series III
The South Beach Slayer
America Amerikkka Амерnка
Parasitic Predators
The Patriot Complex
The Fix
The Finale
The Combine
Iconic II
Iconic III

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