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“I write the stories that the establishment is unwilling to tell, unable to tell or outright water down for their preferred audience.”

This section is for industry professionals in the film and television industry looking for potential feature films and television series. For inquiries go to the contact page and leave a message with your contact information, the title of the screenplay you are inquiring about and a brief message about you, your company, and a link or web address to your company’s website that features some of your work in the film and or television industry. Thank you.

The Future of Storytelling Trailer


Writer: Michael J. Williams
Genre: Sci-Fi Action Thriller
LOGLINE: A mysterious billionaire races to capture biblical relics to stop the rise of the Fourth Reich.

The Chronicles of the Drake Empire and the Relics of the Gods Trailer

Writer: Michael J. Williams
Genre: Psychological Thriller/Crime Drama
LOGLINE: A former detective still haunted by the unsolved murder of his daughter is being recruited by his former partner to help search for a serial killer that continues to torment their small town.

Writer: Michael J. Williams
Genre: Drama
LOGLINE: A dark family secret is used for financial gain.

Writer: Michael J. Williams
Genre: Political Action Thriller
LOGLINE: Elite American soldiers suffering from PTSD seek to destroy the republic and American democracy.

The Nick Frost Chronicles Trailer

Writer: Michael J. Williams
Genre: Sci-Fi Action Thriller
LOGLINE: A female alien-human hybrid battle a team of super synthesized Anabolic steroid induced female assassins.

Writer: Michael J. Williams
Genre: Sci-Fi Political Action Thriller
LOGLINE: When mankind create Gods.

The Chronicles of the Parasitic Trailer

Title: DONOR
Writer: Michael J. Williams
Genre: Horror/Dark Comedy
LOGLINE: When our personal biases and racial stereotypes are not the scariest or most dangerous monsters lurking in the shadows.


Title: Y.O.
Writer: Michael J. Williams
Genre: Drama
LOGLINE: A smart and easy going teenager must fight his inner demons to maintain his sanity and what little innocence he has left while fighting the internal sickness of becoming institutionalized while serving four years in prison along with his four other co-defendants that all happen to be family members. What is the psychological effect that these imprisoned families members, have to endure, while all serving time in a youthful offenders’ prison camp, with other inmates under the age of twenty-five?

Writer: Michael J. Williams
Genre: Dramatic Psychological Crime Series
LOGLINE: When you will do whatever it takes as a police officer, even if that means breaking or circumventing the law, to close your caseload to solve some of the worst crimes ever committed, to make sure that the wronged, the victims and the victims’ families of these horrendous crimes, get the justice they deserve, by making sure, the suspect or the perpetrator is convicted of these serious crimes, even if that means planting or fabricating evidence. Even if that means committing murder.

The Future of Storytelling Trailer #2

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