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The Fall of a Parasitic Nation and the Rise of Black America. Available now.

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Darkness Awakens available now to purchase. Order now.

Darkness Awakens Coming 2020

The next novel by author, screenwriter, and filmmaker Michael J. Williams titled Darkness Awakens. A female alien-human hybrid battle a team of super synthesized Anabolic Steroid-induced female assassins. This will be the third novel by author, screenwriter, and filmmaker Michael J. Williams and his seventh book of fiction. A tentative release date for his third novel and first in a series of books titled The Dark Saga due out late summer of 2020.



Our Message about Covid-19 and the Coronavirus – Pandemic

We here at MJW Publishing hope that everyone stays safe and healthy during this global epidemic and continue to maintain a good hygiene routine like washing their hands often and also continue to practice social distancing. We will get through this global pandemic and hopefully come out stronger and perhaps even better as a society. We also ask that people be smart and humane by not endangering others by possibly spreading the disease by gathering in large groups or ignoring the instructions that many of the world’s health experts and health organizations have given us to hopefully slow down the spread of covid-19. We may not know when this crisis may end or what the world may look like after we have defeated this global disease and find a cure to end this global pandemic. But we must remain vigilant in our fight to eradicate the coronavirus. Humanity will survive this and we will get through this.

Black Friday Sale

While consumers are out shopping and looking for the perfect holiday gift on this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As you vigorously search the many Black Friday sales events and Cyber Monday sales events online and all across the globe to find the right gift for that special someone in your life. Let us not forget, that reading is fundamental as we encourage those shopping online or going to our local malls and stores to find that perfect holiday gift this Black Friday and this Cyber Monday. That books are just as important of a gift that you can give to someone you love and cherish. Let us also not forget that donating books to your local charity, library, or schools are also wonderful gifts to give this holiday season. We here at hope that you have a safe and wonderful holiday and Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping experience. And remember to buy as many book as you can.

From Author Michael J. Williams



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Fiction Books for Sale – Novels – Short Stories

All seven books available now.
Book Series II

Books and Series Titles

The Chronicles of the Parasitic

“The Chronicles of the Parasitic” A four-part series about multiple stories of everyday people struggling to make it in life while also dealing with outside forces that are determined to enforce their brutal and inhumane ideology and doctrine onto an oppressed people until the people decide to rise and fight against those in power and prove to the world that unity and peace are possible.

Book I: The South Beach Slayer

Book II: America Amerikkka Америка

Book III: Parasitic Predators

Book IV: Parasitic

The Chronicles of the Parasitic Trailer

The Nick Frost Chronicles

“The Nick Frost Chronicles” A three-part series about veteran FBI Agent Nick Frost and his quest to uphold the law and ensure that American Democracy will prevail and that the Republic will not fail or falter as those who are out to circumvent the law and destroy the nation never stop in their quest to rule the world and control the minds of the people. FBI Agent Nick Frost must do whatever it takes to not only save but preserve the union and all that it stands for.

Book I: The Patriot Complex

Book II: “Untitled”

Book III: “Untitled”

The Nick Frost Chronicles

The Chronicles of the Drake Empire and the Relics of the Gods

“The Chronicles of the Drake Empire and the Relics of the Gods” A three-part series about powerful and mythical relics and demonic beasts and spiritual creatures that are being used by evil and evil forces to destroy the world and remake and transform the world into a place of darkness and despair. Where evil rules and light and hope and goodness is extinguished for good. A mysterious billionaire is determined to make sure that evil does not win and that these powerful and mythical beings and their weapons and relics are not used to destroy the world. The only problem is. That the mysterious billionaire’s intentions may seem honest and legit and noble but wealth, power, and vast amounts of money are also at stake. No one knows if the mysterious billionaire is out to save the world or only enrich his bank account and control these mythical beings to do the bidding of the elite.

Book I: Longinus

Book II: “Untitled”

Book III: “Untitled”

The Chronicles of the Drake Empire and the Relics of the Gods Trailer
The Future of Storytelling Trailer #2

The Dark Saga

“The Dark Saga” book series is about alien-human hybrids created to build an unstoppable army to help the white plague continue to rule the world with its iron fist of hate, racism, and destruction. These alien-human hybrids created to do the bidding of a murderous parasitic plague must discover their humanity if the world is to survive the coming apocalypse.

Book I: Darkness Awakens

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